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The HydroSweep product family consists of three product variants.

  • MD/50, uses a centre frequency of 50 kHz for water depths up to 2,000 m

  • MD/30 uses 30 kHz for 7,000 m

  • DS, w uses 15.5 kHz for full ocean depth

In order to provide data of high accuracy and reliability, all HydroSweep multibeam echosounders can generate up to 320 receive beams. Using  patented High Order Beamforming (HOB) technology the receive beams can be refined into 960 soundings per swath.

The new multi-ping feature provides a greater rate of effort. Up to four swaths (dependant on product variant) can be generated simultaneously per ping using frequency modulation. The coverage along track is significant higher in comparison with previous HydroSweep generations and that of multibeam echosounders from other manufacturers without this multi-ping feature. As a result, the new HydroSweep multibeam echosounder maintains gapless coverage at high survey speed.

The number of beams increases even further using the multi-ping capability. Up to 3,840 soundings at 4x multi-ping can be generated by the  HydroSweep MD/50. The multi-ping rate, i.e. the number of swaths per multi-ping, depends on band width and frequency range of the transducers. Therefore the  HydroSweep MD/50 can generate more swaths per multi-ping than the MD/30 with 3x multi-ping or the DS providing 2x multi-ping.


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