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The T20-P family is built on scalable next generation technology with the flexibility to evolve alongside your business. The T20-P is perfectly suited for small survey platforms through to larger vessels, where portability is demanded, covering a wide range of survey applications and tasks. Built-in, configurable features–such as high-density beams with multiple detection capabilities, water column and intelligent automation–deliver highly accurate data that can be easily and quickly analyzed, according to your specific needs.


  • 256 beams or 512 beams*

  • Water Column Visualisation

  • Full Water Column Data Logging

  • Frequency Agile (190-420kHz)

  • Selectable Beam Density / Constant Seafloor Spacing

  • Tracker autopilot

  • Teledyne Sonar User Interface

  • FlexMode*

  • Multi-Detect *

  • X-Range / Frequency Modulation*

  • 400kHz Full Rate Dual Head*

  • Real-Time Pipe Detection and Tracking *

  • 3 years warranty

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