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Trimble offers a range of high-precision centimeter level (RTK) positioning as well as sub-meter (DGPS) positioning solutions which can be integrated with other marine sensors, the HYDROpro? Construction and the Terramodel? HDMS to create application specific marine systems.

  • DGPS - Provides sub-meter horizontal position accuracies. DGPS requires a source of satellite corrections such as IALA Beacon, EGNOS, WAAS, proprietary SBAS or DGPS base station transmissions. A Trimble DGPS receiver can be combined with a dredge head depth sensor and radio tide gauge for dredging systems.

  • Sub meter positioning sensors from Trimble include:

Trimble RTK positioning sensors include:
Trimble? SPS461 Modular GPS Heading Receiver
The Trimble? SPS552H Add On Heading Receiver
The Trimble? SPS852 Modular GPS Receivers
The Trimble SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations


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