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The power of an industrial solution in your hands

With almost 200 remote-sensing spacecrafts already in orbit or planned, more than 200 digital cameras in use, and the huge increase of UAV solutions, several thousand terabytes of data need to be processed every year. This exploding demand for earth observation data is forcing industrial production methods.

Key Benefits

  • Multi sensor support: processing of any EO-Data sources like airborne images, satellite images, SAR images…

  • Digital data oriented system: focus on digital data processing thus really designed to take benefit of new paradigm introduced by digital cameras (data redundancy, mix data sources …)

  • Industrial production: automated production workflows linked to data processing and reduction of manual editing

  • Ready to use system: bundle software & hardware allowing best through-output

  • Scalable solution: stand-alone system (mobile concept) or connected system (ground station)

Airbus Defence and Space's PIXEL FACTORY can serve a wide range of applications, including:

  • Institutional such as Government and Cartographic Institute for country wide mosaic and production facilities embedded into NSDI

  • Direct Receiving Station for automatic production(orthoimage, mosaic, …) based on data collected every day

  • Mapping and photogrammetric companies for project and reference data production

PIXEL FACTORY? is unique in that the processing of data both from satellite (optical and radar) and airborne digital cameras is a key feature built into its original core architecture.

  • Its whole framework is designed to give maximum flexibility in every way, even seamlessly interfacing with your existing third party software and tools.

  • Its mass parallel computing power enables you not only to multi-task but also to manage concurrent workflows, with no limitation in terms of volume and size of data.

  • Its centralised production management centre, graphical used interface and remote access make it simple to manage.

  • Its modular structure allows its core software to be easily scalable to meet your future requirements.

New features can be added as and when you need them.

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