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Advanced 3D urban mapping solution

3D representations of urban areas are based on oblique acquisitions made by various sensors, calibrated or not, and a large amount of imagery. The challenge is to rapidly create models, whatever the sensors, which can be used in all standard software environments.

Fast and Fully Automatic Generation of 3D Textured TIN Database

Airbus Defence and Space has developed Street Factory?, an extension of the Pixel Factory? product line, the recognised solution for automatic geospatial data processing.

Street Factory? is a solution allowing fast and fully automatic processing of any oblique and street imagery for the generation of 3D urban models.

Thanks to its high accuracy sensor models and parallel GPU based processing, it enables automatic processing within a few hours of a vast volume of images acquired by any camera on any platform, providing:

  • Fully rectified frame images without distortion

  • Highly accurate 3D Textured Database

  • Real 3D representation with complex details of roof and facades

Street Factory? delivers high-quality 3D models serving a wide range of applications, such as urban planning, risk management, defence, telecommunications, surveying & GIS, location-based services.

Fully integrated solution

Street Factory is a fully integrated hardware & software solution designed to deliver processing efficiency, quality and automation. It is designed around four main layers:

  • Precise and robust geometry management

  • Effective photogrammetric measurement from any sensors

  • 3D automated textured TIN generation from multiple views

  • Open output format for easy integration with OpenSceneGraph?

  • Plus, the system uses parallel GPU server processing efficiency in order to deliver fast productivity even with thousands of images.

3D textured database over Toulouse, France

Street Factory? processing

Key Benefits

  • Multi-sensor support: processing of any oblique and street imagery.

  • Ready-to-use data: easy integration into any standard applications

  • Photogrammetric measurements with all views (not only Nadir view) of the camera

  • Versatile 3D-viewer, compatible with all standard and operating systems

  • Parallel processing capacities

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