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exactAIS provides a global capability for monitoring all AIS- equipped vessels using our own satellite constellation and global network of ground stations. As we receive AIS messages at our data processing centre in Canada, we forward these messages instantly to our customers via a secure internet link. The messages are provided in one of several industry standard formats that are compatible with existing AIS display systems. exactAIS streams the data securely, quickly and continuously, enabling you to monitor any area of the planet for vessel traffic like never before. We process and distribute all received AIS messages in your Area of Interest (AOI) providing you with MMSI, Ship Location, Ship Course and Ship Speed. All data is also time-stamped and provided with each message.

In addition to complete global coverage, exactAIS detects many times more vessels than any other system, capturing thousands of distinct vessels in a single pass. Utilizing our patented processing technology, we are able to provide our customers with better information allowing you to make better decisions for security, traffic management, environmental and safety applications.
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