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The  NaviSuite software covers all aspects of marine surveying, from integrated navigation and data acquisition through post-processing and final charting. The standard software packages comprise:


Navigation and positioning

NaviPac is the NaviSuite workhorse. It provides navigation information and positioning calculations in support of any offshore task. Features include:

? Support of all equipment on the market

? Navigation display with overlays

? 2D and 3D display

? Multivessel, multiobject operation

? Survey planning

? Sensor instrument recording

? Sensor validation (Kalman filtering)

? Real-time survey quality control

? High-precision time tagging



Sonar data acquisition

NaviScan acquires data from all major pipe/cable trackers and sonars on the market, including multibeam echo sounders, scanning and profiling sonars and conventional side-scan

sonars. Features include:

? Side-scan and multibeam acquisition

? Real-time sensor monitoring

? Sensor-compensated real-time DTM

? Sonar coverage display

? Sonar waterfall display

? 2D and 3D real-time display



Survey data editing

NaviEdit allows for editing of overall survey settings, raw sensor data and geodetic settings. Features include:

? Project file management

? Editing of overall survey parameters

? Graphical tools for sensor data editing

? Automatic despiking, advanced spline and Kalman filters, etc

? Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic editing

? Batch processing

? Processing of third-party data



4D modelling and visualization

NaviModel offers high-performance digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D. The software features high-tech tools for model analysis and manipulations. Features include:

? 3D object integration

? Unlimited model sizes

? Inspection and eventing

? Automatic cleaning (S-CAN)

? Analysis and calculation tools (volume/area, cross/length profile, etc.)

? Video and GIS integration

? Point cloud stitching



Chart production

NaviPlot allows for easy and professional layout of survey data on paper charts, increasing speed of chart production, including series production of alignment-based charts. Features include:

? KP alignment sheets

? Survey report layout

? Multipage report generation

? Legends and annotations

? AutoCAD integration




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