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CARIS knows that accuracy and eff ciency are all-important in your business, which is why the HIPS and SIPS solution integrates the processing of bathymetry, water column and seaf oor imagery in a single application.With HIPS and SIPS vast amounts of sonar data can be interrogated at speed, making full use of the latest computing power and saving you valuable time. The software also includes the latest seaf oor classif cation tools and workf ows, allowing more information to be extracted from your seaf oor measurements.

Number One

HIPS and SIPS is recognized in the global marine community as the number one hydrographic data processing system. By supporting over 40 sonar formats, it can process data from virtually any system conf guration.

Latest Processing Techniques

The latest processing techniques can eas-ily be applied to your high volume sonar data, ensuring eff cient and repeatable results. This includes total propagated uncertainty, CUBE processing, statistical surface cleaning, dynamic 3D data editing, and an array of geodetic and quality gate filters.


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