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Designed to address the demanding requirements for search and recovery operations, The Klein System 3900 is heavily utilized by police, fire departments, port authorities and surveyors across the globe. This competitively priced solution utilizes Klein's high frequency 455/900 kHz transducers for optimal range and image performance.

Its lightweight, compact design is one man portable, with the ability to be operated from a smaller boat for rapid deployment. The standard system is configured with a portable splash proof transceiver processing unit (TPU) and 50 m of lightweight cable.
Key Features:
     ? Very high resolution and long range images
     ? Lightweight, one-person portable—ideal for small open boat operations
    ? Special software features for target analysis
     ? Complete turnkey system ready for field use
    ? Cost-effective ownership and operation 
    ? Selectable dual-frequency operation (445 kHz and 900 kHz)
    ? Phosphorescent finish
     ? Laptop and wireless LAN compatible

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