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VideoRay is proud to support University students and researchers worldwide who are developing new capabilities for unmanned underwater vehicles. The products and support we offer under this program are designed to jump start research projects and classes by providing state of the art, but proven, commercially available components from VideoRay.

It is important to understand that the products offered under this program are designed for university-level students and researchers in underwater robotics design. As such, they are NOT appropriate for those who use ROVs to investigate the underwater world. Underwater habitat research efforts require complete, tested systems – the same systems used by commercial dive companies, government agencies, and law enforcement users. The systems produced by robotics engineers from the parts provided in our research kits should work well in a laboratory environment. However, they require electrical engineering background and additional “project box” parts to complete, and when operational they are likely to lack important safety and portability features of our complete commercial ROV systems.


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