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The product line SES-2000, build on the already known SES-96 models, consists of high quality sediment echo sounder systems with different extension levels. The use of parametric acoustics stands for excellent resolutions even at low frequencies between 4 kHz and 15 kHz. Because of a very mobile system you can also achieve good results in shallow waters, complicated areas and at the open sea. The system has a very small beamwidth of +/-1.8 degrees and the sound beam has no sidelobes in its directivity. Furthermore, due to the high frequency you can determine the water depths with high accuracy. So you get a tool for exact depth measurements and high penetration capabilities with good resolutions at the same time.

The improved system variants SES-2000 standard and all higher system levels have the possibility for electronical beam steering and beam stabilization. In combination with a motion sensor like the Seatex MRU, the TSS or the Octans sensors you can correct the ship movements under bad survey conditions. The beam steering is very useful to increase the survey foot print for instance during object searching tasks. Other features are the transmission of multi frequency signals and the determination of some material properties.

The systems give you online results with very good signal processing capabilities. Additionally, the digital storage of the data opens  the possibility for extended post processing.

For more information about parametric acoustics you can download some publications with details about various applications and about the advantages of using a parametric sub-bottom profiler.

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