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Beijing Tek Meridian 6th Underwater New Product New Technology Seminar Held Smoothly
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October 19, 2016 to October 21,2016 Beijing Tek Meridian  6th underwater new product new technology seminar was held in Guangzhou university town.The symposium with the theme of "digital ocean, intelligent equipment, from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin maritime surveying and mapping center, Guangzhou Marine geological survey, Qingdao institute of Marine geology, the state oceanic administration of the south China sea hydrographic survey technology center, Guangzhou co., LTD., the state oceanic administration, the third Marine research institute, Fujian GangHang management survey center  and other Marine units more than 60 experts and scholars.

The Photo of Participants

Teledyne Marine group underwater acoustic products and propagandize their new product、Applanix POSMV and oceanscience group RapidCAST underway profiling system in the application of multi-beam measurementXylem offshore hydrological monitoring programmeROV ASVUAVRS applicated in underwater detectionFor the scene of the experts and scholars presented a communication event.In addition T50P multi-beam collocation POSMV inertial navigation system in the pearl river measured scene demonstration showed T50P as shallow multi-beam leaders of the world's outstanding performance. And Microdrones uav rotorcraft more on vessel landing aerial demonstration shows the industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) application in Marine surveying and mapping.







Area of about 71% of the earth's surface is covered by sea, a yearning for the mystery of the sea, Marine energy languishing.The development of science and technology makes people on the Marine exploration continuously break through the limit on the depth and breadth, and is becoming more and more intelligent and convenient.Beijing TEK MERIDIAN is willing to do volunteer, contributing to the development of ocean.In addition, we appreciate for the support of Guangzhou maritime center and the south China sea survey of surveying and mapping technology center for the seminar.

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