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Perfect Ending of Para Sound P70 Ten Thousand Meter’s Profiler
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According to the requirements of the Ten Thousand Meter’s Profiler  system supply contract,from  June 17, 2016 to June 25the tech staff of the Tekmeridian accompanied Secretary Zhou, Director Zhao, Professor Yang and engineer Yang from Qingdao Marine Geological Research Institute to go to the Teledyne Reson GmbH located in Bremen,attending the Teledyne ParaSound P70 Ten Thousand Meter’s Profiler  product training, got a warm welcome and reception of the manufacturers.

At the beginning, under manufacturers’ leadership ,the users visited the office of Teledyne Reson GmbH Co.,Daniel,Teledyne’s sales manager did the introduction of the company for everybody, neat and tidy office environment, items placed in order, everything in good order and well arranged working condition, all that implys  the good quality of the German --rigorous and meticulous.

After that, Teledyne’s two engineers——Reinhard and Bjorn did the extremely detailed information about basic principles, composition, installation, operation, hardware maintenance, spare parts replacement, data acquisition and post processing. With products display, letting users conducted on-site operation practice (including software, replacement of spare parts) and make the relevant guidance. The users were very satisfied with the function of oil and gas exploration by using water column data, and they did a very deep communication with the  manufacturers about acquisition software output SEG-Y data format for post processing,after that they got to know the product much more. 

This training put a deep knowledge about the user's understanding and recognition of Reson GmbH Teledyne company and its products, achieved the training goals of operating independently, collecting data and post-process. Employees who participated in the training of the Tekmeridian also benefited a lot.

Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology-QIMG is belonged to a Marine Geological Research Institute of China. The Teledyne Reson CO. is the world's most well known acoustic product manufacturer of multi beam sounding system, deep water shallow profile systems, sonar, transducers and sensors. Both sides of the training were very satisfied with the results, and expressed willingness about through the Tekmeridian to strengthen cooperation in the future.

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