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Demonstration and Training Workshop held successfully
Published:2018-05-30 10:49:42   Views:1   Source:北京美科公司

In appreciation for the long-term concern and support of our clients for Tek Meridian , as well as to help customers keep up with the newest products and technologies from the well-known international manufacturers such as AHAB, Furuno, Innomar, SyQwest, VideoRay, Trimble, Triton, EIVA and so on, we have successfully held the second annual demonstration and training workshop to introduce the new products and technologies for underwater applications on September 15th-18th, 2010 in Qiandao Lake, Jiande City, Hangzhou,China.

The main contents in the conference are as follows:

1)        Introduction to sea and land LIDAR system manufactured by AHAB, Sweden.

2)        On-site demonstration and introduction to Multi-beam 3D Sonar system manufactured by Furuno, Japan.

3)        On-site demonstration and introduction to Sub-bottom Profiler and Side-scan Sonar system manufactured by SyQwest, U.S.

4)        Introduction and on-site demonstration of the ROV(with BlueView high-resolution sonar) manufactured by VideoRay, U.S.

5)        Introduction and demonstration of the software system for underwater measurement data acquisition and post-processing from Triton, U.S. and EIVA, Denmark.

6)        Demonstration and training for other related applications of underwater measurement equipment.

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