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48 Changshan channel survey
Published:2014-12-23 10:47:09   Views:1109   Source:北京美科公司

In February 2014, the Changshan channel was surveyed by the first geodetic team of the Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation in easten china’s Penglai city, Shandong province. The survey working contained that ocean information(including undersea topography, tide current, reef andcoastline, etc.), shore topography, sediments and fishing nets survey, the purpose of survey was that obstacles was detected clearly which may affect shipping. The world’s most advanced ‘Integration of shore and undersea’ measurement system was used in this survey. The high resolution shallow SeaBat7125 SV2 multibeam measurement system of the Danish RESON manufacturers was used in the undersea topography measurement, the Applanix POS MV system and LANDMark Marine laser scanning system of the Canadian Applanix company was used in the shore topography measurement . sea bottom and shore topography was surveyed simultaneously. So as to realize undersea and shore digital topography seamless connection. And so complete data was provided accurately for waterways, ports and water conservancy construction.

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